Monday, May 14, 2007

Torywatch - Brave Tory Speaks Out

In the deep, dark depths of Surrey, one man is fighting a lone battle for truth. Cllr David Pickles, Tory Councillor for Belmont (in Sutton Council), waged his honourable fight in a letter to the local Guardian newspaper last week on the issue of housing. Making a heart-felt appeal to reasoned argument and calm reflection, Cllr Pickles said:

It takes a local politician of guts and honesty to put the finger on the correct cause of the housing shortage and I'm about to reveal what everybody knows but not many have the courage to say.Lack of border controls, record immigration and a continual flood of asylum seekers.

There - now it's been said and before the lefty loonies come out of the closet, no I'm not racist and nor is that statement.

Let's be clear here. He's not a racist. He's just said so. And that local politician of 'guts and honesty'? That's him, just in case you were wondering.

He concludes his paean to prejudice with the following policy recommendation.

London (and the UK) is bursting at the seams with respective populations of 8million and 60million and it's high time politicians of all persuasions closed the doors once and for all. Coun [Darren] Johnson's green credentials also lack credibility. After all it's hardly green to continually rape what's left of our countryside to build houses for what is a falling indiginous* population.
'Closed the doors once and for all'? What an enlightened policy! Who's going to close the doors for him? Possibly the Polish au-pair he's hired to polish his jack-boots...

His inflammatory language is hardly the cool appeal to facts you would hope for in a local representative. He's supposed, at least nominally, to provide leadership for the local community, examine the issues and try and find a way to contribute to a solution. He's failing his local community if he'd rather spout such shite and pander to prejudice.

The Cameron mask of respectability has clearly slipped from this ugly Tory's face....I wonder what's the Leader of Sutton's Tories or even Cameron has to say about it?

*The online version had indigenous spelt this way - "indiginous". Clearly Cllr Pickles needs a spell-check as well as a lobotomy.

p.s. Interestingly, when I went to copy his picture from the Sutton Council website, the default file name was 'Small Mug' ....

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At 22 May, 2007 00:26, Blogger UKIP@HOME said...

He has now gone and joined UKIP - a home for the closet racists...

At 22 May, 2007 09:51, Blogger The Thimble said...

Really? Where you did hear that?

At 22 May, 2007 18:51, Blogger UKIP@HOME said...

From: Lawrence Webb []
Sent: 21 May 2007 15:21
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: London's First UKIP Councillor

The straw that broke the camel's back

The decision by the Conservative Party to support City Academies over grammar schools has proved to be the last straw for a local Tory councillor.

Cllr David Pickles, who sits on Sutton Council, has announced his decision to join the UK Independence Party, saying he was "sickened" by the direction his old party had taken.

" UKIP are now the only party left with the common sense to not only call for a wider proliferation of grammar schools, but are the only party in the UK to call for a halt to unlimited immigration." said Cllr Pickles.

"As a local councillor I object to seeing areas of the borough concreted over for multiple blocks of flats and public services put under ever-increasing pressure."

"The decision not to support grammar schools, which are the best way for children from poor backgrounds to do well, is frankly astonishing. What right do a group of former public school boys have to halt social mobility in this way, and instead support the City Academies which are nothing more than a vanity toy for rich men?"

Lawrence Webb, the UKIP London Organiser, said he was "delighted" that Cllr Pickles had joined the party.

"Cllr Pickles is a hard working member of his community who stands up for the best interests of his local area. I look forward to working with him in the future."


Lawrence J. Webb
London Regional Organiser
Tel. 020 7403 7175

At 24 May, 2007 08:07, Blogger Scully said...

You asked what the Leader of Sutton's Tories thinks. Well, that's me and you can see my thoughts on his letter at
my blog

It's a shame , but not unexpected that the UKIP spin was that he left on the grounds of the Grammar Schools debate.

At 30 October, 2007 23:36, Anonymous Doreen said...

Bit of egg on your face now Cllr Scully isn't there, after the desperate scrabble for populist votes and a coherent policy from Cameron this week? Pity you and your ilk don't have the honesty that Cllr Pickes has.

At 31 October, 2007 10:14, Blogger The Thimble said...

Sorry Doreen, who are you talking to here? Paul Scully or me?

If Pickles had any courage to back up this 'honesty' you talk about, then he would stand for election on the basis of his views. That he doesn't suggests that he thinks that he would lose. Which doesn't sound very courageous or honest to me.


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